About Us

ITConcept has been in design industry for more than 5 years. Offering loads of creative services like corporate communications, promotions and branding, new media, exhibitions and events, advertising, direct mail and website.

Our own success story can be attributed to many things, but we like to think it's because of our friendly attitude and our amazing designers. Working closely with our clients, we often act as an extension of your company, completely immersing ourselves in your business and the competitive environment that it sits in.

Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity is "persona" of an organization that is designed in accordance with your business objectives to facilitate the achievement of your actual goals. A Corporate Identity is essential for any business in building a strong identity visually.

The corporate identity is your business' face in the market. The corporate identity creates an impression of the company without a single descriptive term. It is what comes to mind for a customer when they hear the name of your company. A great corporate identity can boost a business from the ground to the stratosphere.

Corporate identity is composed of three parts:

    1. Corporate designs (logos, flyers, brochures, business cards, and stationary)
    2. Corporate communication (commercials, public relations, and information)
    3. Corporate behavior (internal values, ethics and norms)

Web Design

More and more people and businesses use the Internet to find information, it is convenient and saves time. Having a website is becoming so mainstream that customers and the general public almost expect a company to have a website. If people want information on a product or service, they are now saying, "I think they have a website, I'll check that out first."

Website is mainly consist of 2 things, information and design. A good design can bring up company name. Especially for first customer, good design of website can bring up the credibility of the company. Hence, it's very important for one company to have an attractive website.


Flash is a powerful technology to improve any web design and add useful elements to any website. In recent years, website becomes more attractive where it's not only providing information, but providing better interaction. Our team has worked several projects in flash. From website banner, full flash website, and interactive games.